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Thu, Sep 20  

The Dave Koch Driving Award

In 2010 the AHCSO created an award in memory of Dave Koch.  Dave was very much a car guy who was more into the mechanics of the hobby than the social scene, but was still very active in club events nevertheless.

After driving various sports cars and building an airplane in earlier times, Dave and his wife Janet completed a couple of outstanding restorations.  The first a late BJ8 and after that, a true 100M, which took about fifteen years to complete before being driven to San Antonio to be judged and achieve a well deserved, high scoring Gold Certificate from the Concours Registry.  Then, in typical fashion, as soon as he had his Gold certificate, Dave set about experimenting with modifications on the car to suit his own tastes, all the while driving all over the continent to such places as  Nelson BC, Vancouver, Texas, California, Tennessee and the Carolinas, to name just a few.  This Concours car was no trailer queen. 


In memory of Dave and his enjoyment of his Healeys, this award will be given annually to a club member who has consistently driven a Healey throughout the preceding driving season, and by doing so, accumulated considerable mileage.  Nominations for this award can be submitted to any member of the Executive by the end of October in that year.  The award will be presented yearly at the Club Christmas Party. The winner will be selected by a vote of the Executive.



2010:  Bob & Levina Yule

2011:  Bob & Jean Slater

2012:  Laurie & Diane Wilford

2013:  Heather & Mark Doust

2014:  Ed & Anna Orr

2015:  Len & Martha Thomas

2016:  Malcolm Bruce & Erica White

2017: Rick & Pauline Thomas 


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