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Mon, Nov 19  

Events Calendar


                  AHCSO – EVENTS 2018


Pub/Meeting Night:  Second Tuesday each month:  Kelseys, 401 at Hwy 25 Milton (EXCEPT WHERE NOTED BELOW)




Was January 9:    AHCSO Pub Night




February 13:  AHCSO Pub Night at Kelseys in Milton!




March 13:      AHCSO Pub Night in Milton




April 7:       Tech Session at Autofarm in Monkton at 10:00

April 10 :       AHCSO Pub Night

April 22:   Ancaster British Car Fleamarket

April 25th:

         Pub Lunch at Aberfoyle Mill





May 5-6:        Lindsay Antique Auto Flea Market at Exhibition Grounds 354 Angeline St. S. Lindsay

May 8:        AHCSO Pub Night  

May 17-20:    Springthing with Bluegrass Club, Louisville, KY

May 18-20: Carlisle, PA Import Flea Market

May 20: SPRITE MOOT 60th Anniversary at Café Troy 2290 Hwy 5 W


May 30: Join us for Lunch at The Copper Kettle in Glen William: 

  details to follow

         Ontario  - TBD




June 2:        George Doust Celebration of Life at Doust Farm in Kenilworth contact Mark Doust

June 2/3:     Fleetwood Country Cruize In      

June 12:       AHCSO Pub Night June 27th Pub Lunch at Ramblin Road Brewery Farm, La Salette North of Delhi

June 16-18:    VARAC Vintage Racing Festival

August 5-8:    Seaside Summit Wylie Inn New England

Join us for Lunch at a Pub:

        Wednesday June 27 at Ramblin' Road Brewery

         2970 Swimming Pool Road, La Sallette (North of Delhi)





July 15-20:    Conclave 2018, French Lick,Indiana USA

July 11:       AHCSO Pub Night

July 15:   Brits in the Park, Lindsay July 15:        Brits in the Park, Lindsay


July 25: Join us for Pub Lunch:  

        Pub Lunch Wednesday July 25 at Belfountain Inn (Caledon),

         , Burlington





August 5-9: Healey Seaside Summit August 5-8: Seaside Summit Wylie Inn New England

August 14th         AHCSO Pub Night

August 9-12:     Encounter 2017 Princeton, New Jersey, US


August 11:        Edenvale - Classic Wings and Wheels Show

August 13:        Brits on the Lake, Port Perry

August 29:        Pub Lunch at Ravine Winery 12:45, St David

                           - Prepurchase tickets required





September 11:     AHCSO Pub Night

September 16:     British Car Day 2018, Bronte Creek Park, Burlington

September 26:     Pub Lunch at Ridge Social Eatery in Roseville







October 9:         AHCSO Pub Night

October 4-7:      SE Classic XXXII – Patriots Point, Charleston, SC.

                   Carolinas Austin Healey Club Event

October 14:         Run for the Leaves Driving Tour

                              to Collingwood area – details to follow

October 15:         Rockton All British Swap Meet, Rockton





November 14:       AHCSO Pub Night

(Pub night in November will be Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at Ned Devine's Irish Pub

575 Ontario St S, Milton, ON L9T 2N2)





December 10:       Christmas Event at AHCSO Pub Night

(Pub night in December (Christmas Party) will be Monday, December 10, 2018 at

Ned Devine's Irish Pub575 Ontario St S, Milton, ON L9T 2N2)








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